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Metsähallitus manages over 12 million hectares of state-owned land and water areas in all parts of Finland. Metsähallitus has real estate development on the fells of Lapland, on shores, and in forests and urban areas.

We will select the site that best suits your needs and customise a functioning land-use plan in cooperation with you.




Area of business

Plots for either holiday residences or a holiday resort

Operating model

The project can be carried out by constructing electricity, water supply and sewage networks and then leasing or selling the plots to consumers.

Another option is to build the plots and then either sell or rent them to consumers. Alternatively, holiday accommodation could be provided to visitors or they could be used for other business purposes.


The Vuonorova planning area is located in the Ylitornio municipality on the shores of Lake Miekojärvi, which is the biggest lake in Western Lapland. The area features plots that are reserved for holiday residences and business premises. The site is completely untouched, which allows the commencement of development with a ‘clean slate’. Re-planning of the site is also possible. There are considerable opportunities for nature-related activities, such as boating, fishing, berry-picking, hunting and snowmobiling. The distances to the cities of Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio are all less than 100 km away while the nearest airports can be found in Rovaniemi and Kemi. The site is located 120 km from the Ylläs skiing resort and 40 km from the Torniojoki river and the Swedish border. A nationally highly respected shooting range located next to the site provides an extra attraction. The soil and terrain on the site make construction easy and the site has its own sandy beach.

Need for capital

The surface area of the site is approximately 185 acres and the selling price is €1.6 million. The total costs for the project depend on the model used and the degree of completeness involved. Additional land located next to the site is available for a separately agreed price.


An area plan for the site exists that allows for the construction of a floor area of approximately 14,680 m². The permitted building space includes 68 plots for holiday residences and 6 plots for business premises. The plan was drawn up in 1995 and re-planning can be considered. The project can be started immediately. An agreement needs to be reached with the municipality on the provision of public utility services and with the electricity company regarding the provision of electricity.


Mr. Kari Männistö
Tel. +358 400 180 063
Email: kari.mannisto@metsa.fi

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Plan map

Vuonorova 2014 067 metsaa

Vuonorova 2014 014 hiekkara


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